Wednesday, August 13, 2008

mas costa rica

So I'm long over due for this one. I've been back from Costa Rica for a while but the place is still heavily resonating in my heart. Since Costa Rica I lead another trip to Moab/Zion, Utah and have been to Baja Mexico and back but Costa Rica constantly replays its beauty in my mind. 
The following pictures are of the places that I went during my Adventures Cross Country trip.. meaning lugging 15 kids around to these amazing, hidden secrets of Costa. 
I want to keep this short because I have nothing more to say except the fact that I had a really hard time leaving this place. I was so lucky to be able to go to these EXTREMELY remote places... FAR away from tourists and SO CLOSE to locals. I got to stay up late nights talking to my new family Tia sara, Adriana, and Hector about life and love by candle light. I got to wake up early mornings to the booming sound of howler monkeys (congos)... It was just incredible. Costa Rica has definitely stolen a little piece of my heart and I am counting down the days until I get to return and unlock more secrets about this amazing place. 


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

no where to be and all day to get there

I'm back from Costa Rica. I'm going to do two posts on it because I feel like I had two very different experiences there. 
Before the kiddos got to Costa Rica, I got the opportunity to travel around for two weeks. This was really the first time I hopped on a plane with no plans and really no clue what Costa was going to be like. The whole plane ride over I was internally panicked about how the heck my broken spanish was going to take me to a hostel let alone get around for a whole month and a half.
A lot of my travel in Costa Rica consisted of asking "hola senor, donde esta el estacion de autobus?" and "soy koreana pero nacio en california". I carried only a backpack on my back and planned as i went. If I wanted to leave that day I could or if I wanted to stay three more nights I could also. I really had zero limits (well maybe how much money I had to spend... which wasn't a lot) But traveling on a shoestring was incredible. I was blown away by the numbers of world travelers from all over. It definitely gave me the travel bug aka wanderlust.. so if you want to come on una aventura with me.. let me know because I am always in.    
Jaco, CR- My friends and I were walking down the street with our packs on and suddenly a man just pulls over and asks if we're looking for a hostel.. we answer 'yes' and he basically just loads us up in his car and takes us to an amazing hostel called The Kangaroo Hotel. It consisted of very cute surfer Ticos and us. I love Costa Rican kindness. =]

I'm pretty proud to say that Cristal along with one other company is the main water company. To tell people my name would be a breeze

These three pictures are from Montezuma, CR. One of my favorite spots that I got to see during my travels alone. It was pretty free from tourists and had a 'getaway' feel. 

Ah- Volcan Arenal. The tourist hub. Yes, it is one of the most active volcanos in the world... but man I didn't like most of my experience here. Too expensive, too touristy, and not easy to get to. Luckily my friend Gordo and I found a guy driving to this place from Monteverde and hitched a ride from this North Carolina, tattoo covered, ear stretched man. 

Yes. Puerto Viejo, Limon, CR. Here is where I acquainted myself with the Caribbean side. This place was where I ended my travels and stayed the most time in. I just loved it. It was a hostel called Rockin J's and you rent a hammock for $4 or a tent for $5. I went the hammock route and no it's not uncomfortable. I actually slept like a little baby being cradled against my mommas bosom. okay well not that well but only because this place is bumpin' pretty much all night long. Live music, a bar, and eclectic travelers from all around. Pretty amazing. If you ever go to Costa Rica and are looking for a fun time twisted with the most chillest vibe... this is it. 

my next post will about costa rica with the kiddos. watch out for it.