Tuesday, May 27, 2008

And We're Off!!!

School is done. Three down and one more to go. 
If you guys didn't know, I am about to start my venturing into the world starting tomorrow. (Wednesday, May 28). I am taking off with my friend Phil Stoker and we are going camping for about a week and a half into the beautiful world of Southern Utah. 
I wanted to give everyone a heads up that I will be writing in this blog of my travels to come. For a little taste, here is what my future looks like:

May 28-June 7 ish: Southern Utah camping trip
June 8-June 12 ish: Crested Butte to see Erin! 
June 13-June 22: ARCC training
July 3 ish-August 1 ish: Costa Rica
August 26-Sept 14: hopefully Spain, Italy, France, Germany
Sept 14-Jan ?: Auroville-India

I will be hip hoppin around the globe and this will be where I will post pictures and update friends and family. 

Thanks for your care and love.. 


Nadia said...

Very cool! I like! I hope you have an incredible time throughout all your travels Crystal!! Miss and love you!

cel said...

be safe! and give me address(es)!

Christina said...

I feel so lucky too. God gave me best gift. That's you .my wonderful daughter..Crystal. I love you and misssssss you so much. Always be safe trip. You are the best and Cool.^^

Vivian said...

omg when am I going to see you? Be safe bcf. I'll miss you, but I know you're going to see and experience amazing things!