Thursday, July 3, 2008

pura vida mae

This is going to be short and sweet due to the slow internet and limited time i have on here.

Currently I'm in a hostel in MonteVerde Costa rica called Pension Santa elena i think... So far this is my fourth hostel in just about 4 days. There are two dogs with no collar near by and a cat curled up next to me. I've found that hostels around costa rica are a safe haven for travels from around the world that speak mostly english. My legs are getting bitten by the pesky mosquitos and I have seen so many crazy animals that costa rica inhabits... just simply beautiful.

Monteverde is known as the cloud forest because we are so high up... its truly amazing.

Okay well that's all I could do for now because of the time limit but I hope everyone is well-even throughout the my traveling I still miss home every single day.

mucho gusto


hy said...

que bueno! enjoy the gallopinto and batidos. :) you're gonna have so much funnn. besos y besos! ciao.

Christina said...

Don't let the bad bug bite you. I love you.

Heidi Ho said...

Monteverde!! Did you go to the Monteverde cheese factory? Cloud Forests do not compare to their ice cream. Apt. I is sad without you.....