Sunday, November 23, 2008

blissed out

I just finished a 3 days vision quest/solo on this island in Hampi, India.
I am feeling fresh, renewed and so good.
I might never leave India.


Christina said...

my dear Crystal:
Good to hear from you.
I miss you so much. I love you. Rain rain go away.

megan said...

i was going to say i'm glad you're having a good time. but that just seems too light for the update you posted up... so... i don't know what to say. all i know is that it's good to hear from you and that i hope you DO come back. because even if you love india so much, there are people here that miss you very very much.

i'm glad...... gosh. this is so hard! i cant think of anything to write after "i'm glad that you're..."

miss you!!!

Christina said...

Hello, baby:
Thank you for call me. Oh my godsh!
I feel like I can breath now.
I wish everythings ok with you. Everybody calling about your safe because you know why.
I miss you so much. Come home asap.....^^ I love you, everyday.

megan said...

happy birthday unnie!!
i hope you're still doing wonderful in india :)