Monday, February 16, 2009

Who says singles can't have fun on V-dAY?!

Roses, red, pink, white, chocolates, balloons, love... Ah Valentine's. The clever Hallmark holiday carefully crafted by some sly capitalist. Usually I would shake my angry fist at this dreaded February 14th, but this year was a bit different. This year my heart felt filled to the brim because of a wonderful surprise. 
My dear, dear friends Phil, Willett, Dre, Peter, and Grant (and much more) came and kept me company this Valentine's. 
Their company was enough but what I'm really getting at is my Valentine's outing. It's not the typical dinner and a movie nor was it mushy and gushy... but it sure as hell was fun and some may say stress relieving...........

Shakey, scared, and unsteady to say the least... but man am I glad I did it. whoa mama. 

Que romantico, no?

There really is nothing like shooting shotguns and dancing all night long to Black Light Soul with your best friends on Valentine's day. 

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hy said...

whoa, my blogbookmarks got deleted and I thought I remembered all of 'em but something today reminded me of yours and I was like 'hey! I haven't visited that one in a while...' but luckily I had like 3-4 entries to catch myself up on. And even more luckily, a lot of it was stuff I had already heard from you so it looks like you and I are in good form! Much better to read your blog and think "oh I already knew taht from when she told me" instead of seeing you in person and having had read everything online. :)

love youuuu.