Monday, February 9, 2009

Dear Neal

It's been good to be back watching the NBA again. Being in college, access to a tv has been difficult, but those times that I do get a chance to watch are glorious... especially when one of your best friends is a Boston Celtics fan. And especially when the Lakers have been doing some serious damage. 

There's nothing like kicking back with your friends, drinking a brew (or shots of rum...either or) and watching a fantastic and epic battle between two of the best teams in the nation. 

Its even better when you make a competitive but senseless deal with your buddy that you wouldn't eat until your team won. 

So we sat next to each other without food in our bellys since about the last 27 hours yet the craziness of the game made us forget our hunger... well until the time outs when those Outback steakhouse and pizza hut commercials would come out.. then thoughts of sushi, indian food, thai food, and everything else kept seeping in. 

So after a great overtime game and after Neal shed some tears. We hugged it out and made up with a SERIOUS feast at Tokyo Sushi. 6 rolls, assorted tempura, miso soup, and salad later... it was back to lovin again. Until the Finals that is. 

Moral of the story is: Competition is great, food is better, friends are the best. 


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