Monday, March 16, 2009


What it is about love that gets a person spinning sideways and upwards and all other ways? 
No, I'm not in love but I have been pondering the idea of love.
It is so ridiculously powerful but so wonderfully magical isn't it? 
My heart beats a little bit faster when I think about loving someone so much
you would go through great lengths to love that person until the day you die. 
I believe in love. I always have and I always will. 
I think that many of us have become so jaded on this four letter word but I believe
there are still hopeless romantics out there in the world, searching for that passionate,
mind-blowing, perfect love.... and many have been lucky enough to find it. 
I hope everyone finds it. 
I hope everyone finds a love that makes you do stupid things, pisses you off, pushes you
to greater heights, believes in you, makes your heart beat a little faster, makes you  lose your breath, calls you out on things you've done wrong, holds your hair when you're throwing up (or rubs your back), always leaves you wanting more, always comes back wanting more, makes you laugh even when the world seems to be at its lowest point, fuels the fire of passion instead of dampening it, laughs with you when you're pants have ripped down the crotch, holds your hand when you're scared, is right there next to you when you're having the worst day of your life.... I think I could just go on and on.. 

It's out there....right?

Well- I can't wait to find the Homer to my Marge, Eric to my Donna, Noah to my Allie, derek to my Meredith, Jim to my pam... 

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hy said...

Wow, did you, like, just go to a wedding or something?

haha. I get like that after weddings too. :)

I hope you find all of the above too. But until then (and actually after then too)... I'm the Tia to your Tamara. MK to your Ashley. Hallie to your Annie. Zack to your Cody. You get the drift.